~Australia's newest and most exciting terminal & maternal breed~

Rod & Therese Chitty have been farming for 18 years and have just taken over another families stud which they endeavour to keep strong and are looking forward to an exciting new venture

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Why use Ile de France?

  1. Rapid growth rate.
  2. Excellent muscled carcass with a high proportion of primal cuts.
  3. Very easy lambing.
  4. Strong viable lambs with good coat at birth.
  5. Totally non seasonal, lamb all months of the year.
  6. Merino style white wool.
  7. Ewes and F1 ewes are excellent milkers.
  8. Ewes have a strong mothering instinct.
  9. Prolific  150 – 180% lambing.
  10. Hardy breed well adapted to Australian conditions.